A governor and two Senators among those involved in tax evasion racket.


    Yesterday KRA recalled 124 luxury cars in a tax evasion racket. Among the high end flagged vehicles belongs to a governor, two senators, prominent businessmen and a personal assistant to an MP of Kiambu County.

    According to a source at KRA the racket involves individuals who collude with rogue KRA staff based at the port of Mombasa.

    Unscrupulous businessmen caught pants down after the taxman unleashed the list of targeted vehicles are looking for easy victims to carry their cross as the taxman tightens his belt for a tough battle on non-compliance.

    Today two cars KCE 370E and KCD 546E appearing on the KRA list under number 62 & 88 respectively were spotted on a quick sale targeting unsuspecting buyers.




    Already some KRA officers based at the port of Mombasa are under investigations for colluding with clearing agents at the port and interfering with cargo imports manifest, a point at which the taxman is short changed.

    The car owners are expected to present themselves on Tuesday at the Railways Club in Nairobi with relevant documentation.

    Kenyans have been warned to be on the lookout for fraudulent car sales by businessmen who have evaded tax leading to lose of millions by KRA.

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