Clash of the Titans; Mwingi Central MP Joe Mutambu and Charles Kyale battle rages on!


Mwingi Central parliamentary seat will be the most fiercely contested seat in Kitui County after two sworn enemies have expressed interest on the seat. The long suffering battle between the two can only be calmed at the ballot box.

The outspoken Joe Mutambu, incumbent Member of Parliament for Mwingi Central has been involved in a series of law suits one of which was filed by Charles Kyale, the Political Advisor to the Governor of Kitui County after he allegedly assaulted him during a protest in Kitui Town early last year.

Although the two come from the same hometown Nuu, they do not see eye to eye and as it appears they have vowed to meet and flex their popularity muscle as they woo the voters of Mwingi Central.

Just recently, Charles Kyale posted on his facebook page, ‘ Mwingi Central Constituency 2017 will be a political duel between the best and the worst! It will be between the person whose ideas are service and people oriented against the one who stands without a vision, I guarantee you that the political battle will be between Charles Dickens Kyale (The Best) and Joe Mutambu (The Worst). Hao wengine wanarukaruka huku na kule wakijiita mapresidents are only flower girls and page boys of a wedding. Watch the space!!

Well, indeed we can only watch the space and hope the best shall truly emerge at the top.



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