Musila is too old to Speak the truth, says Malombe


Julius Malombe, Kitui Governor has denied he owes his being elected on March 4, 2013 to Senator David Musila.


“Age is truly catching up with him. He is getting confused and has resorted to telling lies. He blatantly lies that he goaded me to clinch the Kitui governorship. On the contrary, I single-handedly popularised myself,” Malombe said.


He was responding to the 73-year-old’s repeatedly public statement that he regrets supporting Malombe’s election.


Speaking at earlier rallies at Kyulungwa in Mwingi Central and later at Mutitu in Kitui East, Kitui Senator, David Musila told residents he did not know the kind of person the governor was when he rallied them to vote for him

Source: THE Star

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