Unbelievable! Donkey on record speaking.


    At only one point in time was a donkey able to talk, so the good book records. From that time on till today this animal has undergone worse tribulations in the hands of the people that depend on them.

    How well do you care for your donkey? What would your donkey say about you if it were to speak today? Very important questions to ponder on, on such a day as 17th May, the Annual National Donkey Day.

    Catholic Diocese of Kitui marked this day in style at a colourful event in Mwingi Town where they sensitized the public on how best to care for their donkeys and the importance of caring for these animals under the slogan ‘Mtunze Punda Daima.’

    The locals were educated on issues such as appreciating owning a donkey as a long-term commitment. Since average age for donkeys is 27, though they can live to over 40 years old, and will form bonds with you as strong as they do with other donkeys.

    In other parts of the worlds, on this special donkey day, donkeys are dressed and decorated well and they participate in an official pass out parade where hundreds of donkeys get their yearly MOT check by a veterinary doctor.

    How to look after for your donkey;

    • A safe, well fenced or hedged enclosure
    • Access to a shelter at all times
    • A constant supply of clean, fresh water
    • Sufficient good quality food and a salt block
    • Regular inspection and care of teeth
    • Regular treatment of parasites
    • Regular care and trimming of hoofs
    • A vaccination programme arranged through government vet
    • Mental and physical activity
    • Companionship
    • Basic owner training so that they can be handled confidently and safely and looked after well

    Source: Donkey Welfare UK

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