840 litres of illicit brew nabbed in Machakos.


    After a thorough cleanup of illicit brew last year under the orders of the president himself, illicit brew is slowly finding its way back into the market.

    On Wednesday night, police in Machakos County led by OCPD Mildred Achieng and the Regional Deputy County Commissioner Madam Margaret, conducted a crackdown on illicit brew netting about 810 litres of illicit liquor in Mungala and Kyumu villages of Kathiani Constituency.

    The business seems to be silently taking shape few months after the fight against the brew was concluded across the country.

    Speaking to reporters at his office on Thursday morning, Bernard Mutua Muasya, the sub-chief in Kaani Location, where the two villages are located, said that authorities are fighting against illicit brew in the region which is a national concern.

    A countrywide crackdown was launched by the president last year following demonstrations by women from affected areas who asked the government to take action. Reports especially from Central Kenya indicated that home brew was destroying families, made men impotent and led to many deaths.

    Consumption of illegal brew which is often laced with Methanol also called ‘killer brew’ had been toned down since but as it is, authorities are either becoming complacent or the brewers have devised new ways of continuing this illegal business.

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