Youth get goats in a 55 Million Youth Empowerment project in Kitui County.


    Kitui Township ward administrator Gibson Kathoka has found himself under attack from some Kitui youth on social media after he posted photos handing over goats to Kalundu Vijana wa Kazi group on Thursday 20th May, 2015.

    Many seemed upset with the county government’s idea to dish out goats to the youth in an initiative dubbed ‘Vijana Tujiinue Tujiendeleze Programme’ in the name of youth empowerment.

    This ‘mega’ youth project is targeting around 250 youths across the county. The project was allegedly allocated 55 Million, aimed at improving the livelihood of the youth.

    Begging the questions, whether the decision to allocate 12 goats to at least 250 youth in various youth groups across the county was sustainable and whether such a project was worth the said budget.

    In a post shared on Facebook Gibson Kathoka posted ‘Kalundu Vijana wa Kazi receiving goats from the county government, Vijana Tujiinue Tujiendeleze Programme. Thank you Governor Malombe, Kitui County’.
    A post that received rather unkind response, comments such as ‘Tupewe kazi si mbuzi’, ‘Mbuzi ni za nini’, ‘Goats za’ were flung to the administrator. The youth generally appeared rather annoyed.

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