This will break Jacob Juma wife’s heart the most.


    In an investigative piece aired by KTN News on Monday night ‘The lead’, Jacob Juma is said to have been with a woman identified as Cheryl Kitonga minutes before he was killed.

    The lady in a phone conversation with her usual taxi driver, minutes after the news of Jacob’s death broke, reveals to have spent some quality time with her ‘sponsor’ before he dropped her in town minutes to 8.00pm around Trattoria Hotel along Wabera Street then left for his home in Karen.

    The unnamed taxi driver appears to have developed a rapport with the young lady as he was accustomed to chauffeuring her to Jacob’s home cum office every so often. She opens up to how she was so careful not to hint anything to her parents who apparently are too strict.


    She sounded heart broken and shaken to death refusing to admit that Juma was indeed dead. She is heard reaffirming that Jacob Juma’s Mercedes machine was bullet proof and he had categorically confirmed the same to her.

    The whole world now has a story to share after the exposé despite the poor girl being too watchful not to send any clue about her adventures with the controversial businessman, poor girl’s little secret let out.

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