Kitui Rural MP on the spot for allegedly cheating the taxman.


A Range Rover car vehicle registration number KBQ 904Z claimed to belong to Kitui Rural Member of Parliament Charles Nyamai is among cars that are under investigation by the enforcement & investigation commissioner at Kenya Revenue Authority.

Information from a reliable source indicates that, the MP has never paid custom for the named vehicle as it was a transit motor vehicle. According the KRA search the vehicles plate number is registered as follows;

Vehicle owner; Bonface Kamau Kabage
Chassis number; 91210944D
Engine number; 95119656D
Rat – 1800
Body; Land rover Pick up
Year of Manufacture; 1979
Colour; Green.

This plate number therefore, clearly belongs to a green Land rover pickup and not the range rover car pictured. The MP is said to be avoiding the flying squad after the car was identified by KRA officers Friday last week.


The car will be impounded today, the MP is expected to present the original registration documents for the vehicles as required by law.

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