Musila has nothing to show for his 3 years as a senator; Malombe.


The Governor of Kitui, Dr. Julius Malombe has criticized Kitui Senator David Musila for peddling lies after he has failed to deliver on his mandate as a senator.

Malombe, in an indirect attack to the senator said that any leader who is elected by the people has the responsibility to substantiate their capability by delivering their obligation to the letter before they can appeal for another chance.


Malombe said that Kitui electrorates are wiser, they should not be taken for a ride, the senator should account for what he has done for the people in his capacity as a senator before he can be considered becoming the next Kitui County Governor.

The senator is on record, saying that he intends to vie for the gubernatorial seat come 2017 alongside Suspended Cabinet Minister Charity Ngilu to kick Malombe out. Malombe insists Ngilu’s integrity is questionable.

How can someone who is said to have a ‘long hand’ be assigned the role of managing county resources? Malombe wondered. He said the task of a governor is quite technical and it requires a personality that is straightforward.

Malombe was speaking at Nzakame Secondary School, in Matinyani Kitui during a fundraiser, he called on the people to evaluate their leaders critically before they can consider them for any political position.

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