Is Kitui County going broke?


    Unconfirmed reports reaching Kitui Online indicate that the County Government of Kitui maybe on the verge of going bankrupt. The county recently had to acquire a loan to finance a project they initiated sometime back.

    Governor Malombe’s administration had promised to facilitate purchase of a water pump for Kitui Teachers’ College worth approximately 2 million, but from the buzz they had no money to fund the project, they resorted to borrow from a bank.

    If this is anything to go by, then Kitui residents are in for a tough ride as they will bear not only the cost of repaying the loan but also the high interests accrued by the loan.

    Whether this is a case of misappropriation of fund or dishonesty of officers involved, is a question that the residents will have to ponder on for some time before the truth is uncovered.

    According to the Public Procurement and disposal Act any project that is identified by the government must be allocated funds before it commences, thus the case of this specific borehole project is one that  raises eyebrows on the circumstances that led to the decision to procure a bank loan.

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