Radio personality Caroline Mutoko defends call girl Cheryl Kitonga.


    Renowned radio personality Caroline Mutoko has taken to the interwebs to defend the girl who allegedly had an affair with the slain billionaire businessman Jacob Juma and put at the centre of KTN’s expose ‘Kaburi La Wazi’ aired last week.

    In a video posted on her Youtube channel titled ‘Price of Shame’, Caroline has expressed her disappointment in Mohammed Ali’s professionalism after he released the expose’ that did nothing but to shame one girl Cheryl Kitonga on national TV.
    ‘I have a lot of time for Mohammed Ali and his work – BUT what he did to that young girl in his latest expose is unacceptable. Jacob Juma’s death took a back seat to a side show on a 20 something year old girl who didn’t deserve to be served up on a cutting board. Moha I am deeply disappointed. Deeply.’ Caro posted.

    In her video Caroline accuses Moha of going into so much trouble to do less than stellar job of undressing and shaming a young girl who apparently made a private decision to be with an older man.

    Caroline in her video defends Cheryl’s decision citing her young age, ‘At twenties one must be allowed to make stupid decisions.’ She says

    Caroline hold that Moha was insensitive to have blurred all other characters in the video including the taxi driver but not the girl he apparently hung up to dry and made her the item of focus completely distracting people’s attention on why Jacob Juma’s assassination was important.

    According to Caro this was the most disappointing job that Moha ever did. Caroline has warned the mainstream media of rushing to do shoddy jobs that end up victimizing women. As if the goal is to find that woman out there and cut them to size.

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