A pair of shoes for every pupil; First lady Edith Malombe.


Kitui County first lady, Edith Malombe yesterday was in an inaugural church service in Sosoma, Kitui County, where she donated 300 pairs of shoes to the pupils of Sosoma Primary School.



Edith has been in the forefront championing for the well-being of children, she has donated shoes to many schools across the county working with in collaboration with various non-governmental organizations under the umbrella of her Kyeni Foundation, she has since put a smile on the faces of thousands of children across the county.



Knowing the long enduring suffering of walking bare foot to and from school every single day on the incredibly scorching heated ground in rural Kenya, the first lady initiated the programme to provide a pair of shoes to every pupil in primary school.



This project has since received significant support from many well-wishers including Kenya Red Cross who have donated huge numbers of shoes alongside the first lady and have collectively made children’s lives in school more comfortable.

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The first lady also officiated the grand opening of AIC Sosoma Church which was built by Maono Missionary, the church was handed over to the community yesterday 25th May, 2016.

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