Why a section of Wiper leaders are worried about the public attacks between Musila and Malombe.


    A section of Wiper elected leaders has expressed disappointment in the conduct of Kitui Senator Musila and Governor Malombe. The two have in the recent past, been involved in public spat and name-calling a phenomenon that is slowly creating a political rift among residents.

    The leader say the ongoing political war between the two leaders may affect Wiper Democratic Party’s flag bearer Kalonzo Musyoka’s presidential bid come 2017 general elections.

    The rift between the two close allies of the Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka began when Senator David Musila expressed his interest in the gubernatorial seat occupied by Dr. Julius Malombe.

    Musila has declared his intention to overthrow the incumbent over claims of underperformance. While the Governor has been on record saying that Musila is a non-performer and more so too old to lead under the rigorous business of a county Governor.

    Kalonzo Musyoka’s supporters decry that the rift between the two wiper party leaders which began few months ago will jeopardize the party’s chances of securing the presidential seat with already signs of a split between the residents of Kitui and Mwingi.

    The leaders have called upon the warring leaders to settle scores in a dialogue to come up with the strongest candidate to avoid spoiling for the Wiper leader who is courting for support of the other CORD Co-principals to appoint him as the best fit flag bearer for the presidential race 2017.

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