Deadbeat Dads! Nowhere to run.


No more room for men who sire children and flee the child’s responsibility, the court yesterday put on notice these men who abandon women and leave them to bear the burden of independently raising their children.

The court ruled that children born out of wedlock can now have their fathers’ names included in their birth certificates with or without the consent of their fathers.

In her ruling yesterday May 27 Justice Mumbi Ngugi declared Section 12 of the Birth and Deaths Registration Act of 1928 unconstitutional as it exposed children born out of wedlock to discrimination based on the marital status of their parents.

The case was filed by a single mother whose identity the court protected, Justice Mumbi said that children born out of wedlock have the right to gain their fathers’ name.

Speaking after the announcement MP Mbita Constituency, Millie Odhiambo applauded the court’s decision saying any child born out of wedlock is a child, she said ‘sponsor’ must now be warned.

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‘There is no baby that drops like manna from heaven every child has a father.’ Millie said.

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