This should happen to every new mother delivering at the hospital


    Yesterday May 26 Kyeni Foundation under stewardship of the County First Lady donated personal effects to new mothers at Kisasi Dispensary in Mutomo. The mothers were treated to a pleasant surprise when the first lady gave them infant clothes ,sugar, cocoa and soaps.

    Kyeni Foundation was officially launched in October, 2015 and at the core of its business is to address matters on health, education and the empowerment of women, youth and people living with disabilities.

    Founded by Edith Malombe the wife of Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe, the organization has touched and changed lives of many in Ukambani specifically in the county of Kitui. Edith has dedicated a lot of her time to give back to the society and highlight issues of concern within the residents of Kitui.

    The first lady advised all new mothers to strictly breast feed for six months as is recommended and embrace the use of family planning.

    She has constantly collaborated with different institutions to impact on people’s lives, a thing that she says she started way before her husband turned into a politician.

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