Let business environment be conducive; Kitui Chamber of Commerce Chairman urges.


    Kitui Chambers of Commerce Chairman, Duncan Singi says office of Revenue Collection needs reshuffle. He has accused the Revenue officers of playing delay tactics including picking fake calls instead of serving clients, he has said business people need speedy service.


    The chairman has also picked on the county for being reckless in handling waste within Kitui town, he called on the Town administrator to speedily identify a waste management system.

    ‘Waste is being dumped at different points within the town and as a result it’s affecting living spaces and homes.’ He argued.

    He has suggested that a common dumping site should be identified where all waste can be assembled and disposed.

    He was speaking at a meeting held at Ithookwe Grounds, Kitui Town hosted by the Governor to deliberate on how best the county government can collaborate with the private sector to foster county’s economic growth.

    Singi spoke on behalf of the Kitui business community at the function, he pointed out that the County Government of Kitui through the Ministry of Trade should seek traders participation when setting trade license fees and other related charges.

    He concluded by advising traders to seek dialog with trade committee when misunderstandings arise instead of staging demos or storming Governor’s office.

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