Uproar in Makueni as Kibwana budgets 7.7M for Gymnasium


    Makueni Governor, Kibutha Kibwana has received an outburst from the residents of Makueni County after his government allegedly allocated a whopping 7.7 Million Kenya shilling for construction and equipping of a Fitness Centre set to be built in the county.


    Makueni county residents have termed the decision as a mockery and a sign of the county’s lack of priorities. The residents feel that, the county has more urgent matters that need to be addressed before investing such huge amounts of money in a mere Fitness Centre.


    The electorates want the Governor to prioritize health, water and road projects as those are key to growth of any county economy and are what the people of Makueni have lacked for a long time.
    Source @kambaland

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