Corruption is devolved function in Kitui County; Minority leader Alex Nganga.


    Governor’s decision to fire five top county officials on basis of corruption and gross misconduct has been met with mixed reactions by the Kitui County leaders.

    Kitui County Assembly Minority Leader, Alex Nganga commented on the matter May 25, in a statement that was shared on social media, Nganga gave a rather stern response of Governor’s decision to lay off five top officials.

    ‘The decision taken by Governor raises more suspicion that addressing the rot in his government, instead of his usual theatrics and to the playing the public gallery he should show clear intent to fight corruption by acting within the law and avoid subjecting the county to litigation which only depletes the county coffer.

    Dismissing county officers alleged to have benefited from public funds with no recommendation for further legal action is a testimony that there is more than the public is fed on.

    Further shocking, the governor undertakes to pay these officers their terminal dues.

    Are they culprits a sacrificial Lamb? Who is shielding the sacred cow, why is governor Malombe not handing over his taskforce to EACC or DCI?

    Why has the governor failed act on Auditors General report adopted by the Kitui County Government with recommendation that some of his officers vacate office and be subjected to corruption related issues.’ The statement read in part.

    Alex has warned the government of operating with double standards.

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