SHOCKING; This is what Malombe’s supporters are doing to have him remain in power.


    Leaks on a syndicate in which influential and vocal youth in the county are being used to recruit and buy voters for Malombe, have surfaced on the social media early Sunday May 29, the revelations have resulted into a heated debate on the political scene.

    The Malombe-hired supporters are on a voter wooing spree promising jobs and contracts in return.

    Reports reaching Kitui Online indicate that a Malombe enthusiast identified as Patrick Frank Lumumba has being engaging some youth in phone conversations to persuade them into building mass support for Governor’s re-election.

    According to the leaked message by first- hand witness whose identity was withheld, there is clear indication that, one Lumumba was enticing witness to join the Malombe re-election mission as a team leader. He had promised him a job if Malombe is re-elected and contracts that will make him a millionaire.

    It is not clear who Lumumba is working with, but from the conversation with the witness he confirms to be in constant talks with the Governor updating him on every development in regards to the undertaking.

    In a text message conversation doing arounds on social media platform Lumumba writes;

    ‘Make Kitui great again. Helo bro, I am looking for a very strong team for Governor Malombe re-election. Therefore I want you to be a member and also your people then handover to me their names and where they come from after which I will take you to the Governor so that he can talk to you.’

    ‘I have already held a series of meetings with him concerning this’ The message went on. ‘As a longtime friend I promise you a job in the county government of Kitui next year and I will also give you contracts worth millions this July if you make this happen. LUMUMBA.’

    Screenshot of the text message as send by the suspected recruiter.
    Screenshot of the text message as send by the suspected recruiter.
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