Is Charity Ngilu politically dead or scheming?


    As politics is slowly taking shape ahead of 2017 general elections, gubernatorial candidates in Kitui County have come out strongly expressing their enthusiasm for the top job except Former Lands CS Charity Ngilu who seems to be taking time in launching her campaign, Ngilu had earlier declared her interest in the gubernatorial seat. Is Ngilu politically dead or just scheming?

    Among the most vibrant aspirant is the incumbent Kitui Senator David Musila who commenced his trip around the county two weeks ago in Mwing North, he said he intends to traverse all the 40 wards of Kitui to publicize his manifesto.

    The incumbent Governor, Julius Malombe has been equally vocal drumming support for his re-election whenever he attends events and hosts function in the county, he has told the residents to give him another chance so that he can continue the good works he has already commenced.

    However, one challenger Former Lands CS Charity Ngilu who had earlier declared her interest in the gubernatorial seat is largely missing in action; she has not made any substantive political move to affirm her stand so far.

    This has left both her supporters and general public in a quagmire, some residents that Kitui Online managed to reach have expressed disappointment and have called on Ngilu to come out in the open and announce her stand on the run for governorship before it’s too late.

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