Use of County flag and logo banned.


    A heated debate has ensued earlier this week on social media platforms after a senior county official ordered removal of a county logo in one of the most vibrant WhatsApp group in Kitui County.

    The flag had been used as a profile picture for the group KITUI PROFESSIONAL FORUM when the orders to drop it were issued by Kitui County Minister for Agriculture Jonah.

    The reason for giving the orders were not clear but most group members have challenged the decision claiming that such a move is uncalled for since we are all part and parcel of the county.

    A member wrote, “We can try to understand the issue of county logo but on county flag I don’t think it’s anything to cause an alarm. How many people use promotional material printed in the national flag?.

    The issue has stirred mixed reactions across various the social media platforms but the county has remained unmoved. So next time you contemplate using a county flag or logo on as your profile photo, think twice before you land in wrong hands.

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