Why youths must disown self-centered leaders.


    By Lumumba Frank.
    It comes a time when we must begin to elucidate and pay attention to the very cardinal matters that are of great importance as people of Kitui County. To be precise am especially concerned on the county youth leadership manners.

    I reckon we currently do not have a youth leadership body but a platform of self-centred individuals in a mission to disenfranchise the youth to their choices. We must allow the youth to make independent choices without coercion.

    It bothers me when we see youth engage in heinous acts of propagating violent rhetoric every time the county Government assembles for a particular event.
    On this we blame top youth leadership which has now stooped too low to become an object of manipulation and abuse by all and sundry.

    It bothers me when I see fellow youth being taken advantage of due to their vulnerability.
    Now take this opportunity to urge all the youth across the county to desist from being used as spring board for self gain. It has come a time when we must point out the evil and corny conduct of the youth leadership without fear of doubt or contradiction.

    How many jobless graduate youth across the county do we have? Would it not be more reasonable to engage them on issues that are going to build them and prepare them adequately for better future?

    We must now open up our eyes as Kitui County youth what is happening is for their own gain it will not bring food to the table but more suffering, joblessness and poverty.

    We must always insist on social propriety, freedom and good leadership that will make us better people in the days ahead not constant retrogression.

    We want to see more youth in executive positions in National and County Government but this will not be realized through violence and mayhem in youth leadership but who is advocating for this?

    Let’s refused to be taken advantage of by fellow youth now!!!

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