Governor Malombe has undisputable development record.


    Kitui Governor Julius Malombe has told his competitors in the 2017 race to be sober and stop lying as such will not help them unseat him. He urged them to uphold decorum and honesty in the campaigns.

    “They are attempting to mock my government’s development record while the projects are there for all to see. Kitui residents will not be convinced through lies and falsehoods to vote for them,” he said.

    “How can one use a road, go over a drift or hold a meeting under a market shade constructed by my government and say we have not carried out any development projects,” the governor said.

    Malombe has dismissed Kitui Senator David Musila and Former CS Charity Ngilu who have declared interest in the Kitui governor’s seat as “pathological liars”.

    Assembly majority leader Jacob Maundu echoed Governor’s sentiments saying those MCAs who have joined Malombe’s opponents, who say the governor has not performed are shooting themselves in the foot. The implications is that since they too have been part of the county government, they have also failed residents

    Malombe was speaking at the Kitui Kefri Centre on Thursday when he commissioned four graders and a bulldozer for road construction. The machinery was bought by his government at a tune of Kshs. 164 million.

    Malombe said the launch of the machinery was a cost-effective way of constructing roads across all wards. He said the equipment will drastically bring down the cost of rehabilitating roads as opposed to relying on private contractors.

    Source: The Star

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