Gov. Malombe’s bodyguard gets ‘physical’.


    Governor Malombe and his counterpart Kitui Senator David Musila are two gubernatorial contestants who are evidently very afraid of each other.

    The two have been attacking each other separately, Malombe publicly criticizes Musila on his age saying he is too old to handle the heat of county matters and points how he has failed in his position as a county senator while Musila attacks Malombe on his failures as the Governor to deliver real development projects.

    The fight doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. Governor bodyguard,one Mutinda seem to have had enough and was seen assisting his boss in the fight on social media. He posted a photo that sparked debate on the WhatsApp of whether Musila is really capable.

    The picture is of an old man with the Kitui Senator purported to have been his classmate. The man is of age and too feeble to hold himself straight up,this intensified the online debate of whether Musila is really capable to deliver with age comparatively catching up quickly.

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