Nuu women curse MP Joe Mutambu; say what he did is unforgivable.


    Nuu women folks have accused the sitting Mwingi Central Member of Parliament Joe Mutambu of brewing malice and spiking hatred among leaders in his tuff and sabotaging the dreams of their children.

    The women have called on their leader to exercise some decency and decorum when approaching matters within his constituency. They have condemned their MP of disruptive developmental meeting hosted by his rivals with no cognizance of what the impact on the constituents.

    “Our MP has proved unhelpful, adamantly refusing to intervene when called upon by the residents to handle issues of concern within the constituency; in fact, we have on several occasions requested our leader to grace school fees harambees for our children to which he has obviously snubbed, but when we go ahead and I identify an alternative support he send his buffs to disrupt and cause anarchy during these function.” Offended Alice Mumbe said.

    Alice a frustrated young mother spoke to the media after MP Joe had unceremoniously overtaken an event that was hosted by women to fundraise for school fees in Kai, Nuu Sub- County and was attended by an aspiring MP Gideon Mulyungi.

    Joe had unexpectedly showed up to the harambee, shortly before he took to the podium and took over the program, he had insisted to oversee the collection of funds but the group unanimously disparaged his overtures.
    “We could not allow him to go on after he had obviously ignored our request, as women we are deeply disturbed by these actions because when leaders caused confusion it’s our children that suffer the most.” Another woman complained.

    The women have condemned the MPs action saying it is the second time that the MP has challenged their efforts, they claimed that the MP had previously sent his official to interrupt another funds drive in which a rival aspirant was in attendance.

    The women have called on their elected leader Joe Mutambu to stop frustrating efforts of leaders who are willing to assist the community, “We want to tell Joe that any well-wisher ready to intervene when called upon is our child and so he must show respect and stay away because he has proved unhelpful.” Seemingly upset women leader Alice Mumbe concluded.

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