SHOCKING: Shame as Kitui County Public Service Board fools the public with fake job short list.


    Shock as Kitui Online unearths a string of lies orchestrated by the Kitui County Public Service Board to fool the public regarding recruitment of people into the Kitui County Government.

    When the county government of Kitui on June 28 released a list of shortlisted candidates for the position of Village administrators on social media the good news suddenly spread like a bush fire.

    In the interest of our viewers, we innocently took to our platforms to share the breaking news from a seemingly reforming County Public Service Board.

    The news circulated fast across social circles reviving a rather dwindling hope of a decent county body that upholds procedures and set standards of fairness.

    The news brought a sigh of relief to many young job seekers who had expressed interest and send their applications for consideration. At least with the short list in the public domain the candidates would be aware of their fate.

    Those who could not trace their names comforted themselves while those that were in the list would hopefully set out for a thorough preparation for an interview, as is the HR guideline.

    Such news obviously catch everyone’s attention and it is not before long that we have begun to smell a rat, barely three days after the news broke we were hit with news that struck us with a bombshell.

    It is okay if you won’t believe us the first time we mention this, but the shocker is; we got played, the shortlist was only but another PR gimmick meant to blindfold the public in the name of transparency.

    Apparently, interviews for the said positions were done two months ago in May, with people affirming to have been interviewed at the board offices between 24th May and 30th May 2016.

    This begs the question, for how long will the county board continue to rot with unscrupulous practices that undermine not only the human resource code of conduct ethics but also the supreme law of the land that calls on every public servant to uphold integrity.

    A part screenshot of jobs posted by the county purported to be a short list for candidates.
    A part screenshot of jobs posted by the county purported to be a short list for candidates.
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