Why Ngilu and Musila cannot match me; Malombe


    “Track record is the only vetting tool that electorates will use to evaluate its leaders. Ngilu and Musila definitely cannot match me.” Governor Malombe has assured his rivals.

    The Governor has expressed confidence that leaders that claim to unseat him come 2017 cannot match his work. He has called on the people to vet their leaders based on track record to determine whether or not they qualify to be elected.

    “Some leaders have been in bigger positions over the last few years, but have absolutely no tangible development record to show for it yet they claims to be able to take Kitui to the next level, on the other hand others have twice suffered integrity blows.” The Governor said.

    The governor has said some contenders have to battle with credibility as they have terribly failed in the face of integrity, and thus have no moral authority to challenge him. He said people with ‘long- hands’ should not be allowed to manage county resources.

    The governor has also discredited his other rival saying people of his caliber have hung their boots and he should thus follow suit.

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