Wiper needs an independent body to oversee nominations.


    “We will not be ignorant to sit and wait to have leaders interested on political positions oversee Wiper nominations within the county, we need a non-partisan independent body that has no inclination to any candidature for Wiper nomination.” Governor Malombe, who is seeking a bid for re-election has said.

    Governor Malombe has called on the Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka to seek the intervention of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission in order to carry out a free and fair Wiper Party nomination.

    The governor was speaking at a function attended by MP Muluvi, he picked on him saying he must restrain himself from being partisan since he brags to be the Wiper Party Elections Director.

    Malombe expressed fears that there are some Wiper leaders who could take advantage of their influence to forge their way to the top either through vote rigging or using their positions in Wiper.

    The Former Vice President and Wiper leader has obviously opted to stay out of county politics, he has in the past denied to publicly show support for any specific Ukambani aspiring leaders choosing to remain a spectator.

    The Wiper leader has held that no leader requires his endorsement to be elected since each one of them have sizable following and are capable of leadership.

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