Five Kenyatta University students die in a deadly crush after attending an all-white party


    Shock has gripped the Kenyatta University fraternity and young revelers after photos of young campus girls that perished in a road crush Friday night surfaced on the internet.

    The five Kenyatta University students died on the spot minutes after attending an all-white night party in Kisii. Only one girl survived to narrate the deadly ordeal.

    The girls succumbed to their injuries minutes after the crush, before they could even get any medical attention. The fatal accident is said to have occurred Friday July 1 along Kisii-Ogembo road near Sameta Lounge only one girl narrowly survived the nightmare.

    The girls had spend quality time with friends with no clue of the misfortune that awaited, they had attended an all-white party the previous night at Club Dallas and were on their way back from Kisii when the unexpected happened.

    Their car KCD 514A is said to have had a head on collision with another car, the impact was enormous. The news was posted on facebook by one Jarunda Jaruth.

    May their souls rest in peace. Below are glaring photos of the aftermath of the road carnage.

    girls 3


    Some of the glaring carnage photos are too upsetting to publish on facebook the post went on.

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