Kitui town becoming inhabitable as heaps of garbage lay unattended to, months later.


    Last time Kitui County tractors were seen emptying and collecting garbage is when story on the same was aired on national television.

    That was after fed up residents of Kitui town threatened to ferry garbage to the governor’s office if garbage menace that lay in heaps all over the town was not collected and dumped responsibly.

    What many do not know is that this collection was only done partly, probably just for the camera to silence a few noisy residents.

    Dirt still lay in heaps as broken sewage pipes ooze out their waste into pathways, while the residents complain that some of the garbage points have remained unattended to for more than three months now.

    The town administration is clearly taking a big risk with people’s health as the situation could easily turn to a deadly outbreak.

    One agitated resident we spoke to said “It has become a routine as our children are in and out of hospital because they play around garbage heaps and trenches full of sewerage. We have spent enough money seeking treatment for dirt-related illnesses, it is about time that someone took their work seriously” she pointed out.

    The residents have also raised questions on the role of public health officers who have seemingly turned a blind eye to the alarming situation.

    The residents are a worried lot as the matter is slowly getting out of hand, the disgusting and highly infectious filthy dirt continue to pile up within living spaces around the town, but neither the town administration nor the public health offices seem perturbed.

    The residents have once more called on the county government to take speedy measures to correct the situation or fire and hire more responsible officers who will ensure the town dwellers and traders live within clean and safe environment.

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