Free universal healthcare for all Makueni residents.


    After weathering an intensive political storm in the county for the last three years, Makueni county residents can now afford a smile as they are set to enjoy free healthcare services from August this year, a program to be fully funded and implemented by the county government.

    On Wednesday June 29 the Makueni Members of Parliament passed an enormous budget of Kshs. 7.2 million allocated to the county by the national government, among the things that took precedence is free healthcare plan that was assigned a whooping Kshs. 2.5 million that is expected to facilitate the implementation of the program.

    Governor Kivutha Kibwana confirmed that his administration would from August this year, offer free medical care to all citizens. He said this is not such an outrageous idea as the county already provides the service to the elderly above 65 years.

    A health nation is a wealthy nation so does the saying goes, and that seems to be the premise that the Makueni County government is using to turn around its people livelihoods. If this project goes through, then Makueni County will have been the first county to ever launch and provide free medical services to its people.

    After the health sector, the water department got the second-highest allocation at Sh591.5million of the 2016-2017 budgets. Out of this, Sh439 million will go towards clean drinking water, irrigation and climate change programmes. About Sh1.7 billion will be spent on recurrent expenditure and Sh736 million on cure and preventive programmes. The Star reported.

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