What you need to know before you can say ‘I do’


    While it might seem like just a piece of paper, without a marriage certificate, a wedding becomes just a glamorous party; this is as far as the government is concerned.

    Legal marriage has been made to appear as a complicated and impossible affair for a long time, but the office of the Attorney General is slowly demystifying this fallacy.

    To make the process less tedious the office of the Attorney General has designed a three step easy guide to help you with everything you need to know.

    Before you get married in Kenya, you have to receive a certificate from the Registrar of Marriages from their offices located on the Third Floor, Sheria House, along Harambee Avenue in Nairobi.

    Little known to many, the first step is filling of an application form for the marriage certificate which is usually accompanied with copies of identification cards, coloured passport size photos and a fee of Ksh. 600. This fee is a 21 days legal notice which is run to allow for any objections to be raised on the intended marriage.

    If there is no objection to the marriage, one can opt to get married at the Registrar’s office, you will have to get a date, based on availability or in the church, the notice of the intention to marry will be filed and also required to be announced in the church where the spouses are members.

    In both, another 21 days’ notice is given after which you and your partner are required to pick the certificate together. A payment of Kshs 800 will be made at this point and the certificate is issued 7 days after.

    If the venue for the marriage is anywhere else apart from the registrar’s office or the church a Special License is required so as to license the venue for a wedding. The fee for the Special License is Kshs 7,200.

    And that is just how easy it is to say a legally binding ‘I do’ to you future partner. Three easy-steps.

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