Kitui Youth give up on county jobs.


    Kitui county youths have expressed disappointment in the way recruitment process has been carried out in the county and have vowed to boycott any call for job applications made by the county.

    There has been a huge public outcry over the criteria used by the county recruiting agency to hire employees into the county with many highlighting awful experiences suffered in the hands of the agency.

    The public service board has been quoted as one of the most corrupt institutions in the county government; it has in more than one encounter been accused of discrediting qualified and experienced candidates and later hand-picking and fixing candidates of their own choice into job positions.

    The agitated youth have blamed the board of placing job adverts in the newspapers as a matter of formality, the latest scandal being when the board made a public announcement on the social media of apparent short list candidates only to learn that many in the list had already been conducted for interviews months earlier.

    The youths have called on the board to exercise transparency and follow the human resource practices in order to offer equal opportunity for every qualified candidate.

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