Dr. Kyuma banned in Kitui South, find out why


It is confirmed and it is now official as at yesterday evening July 7, that the battle for Kitui South votes is now left for Ngilu na Musila.

The third very able contender squandered his equal chance last evening after public humiliating his deputy at her hometown in front of her very own people.

Dr. Kyuma is done, never disrespect a lady at her homestead, unconfirmed reports indicate that H.E ordered the switching off of DG’s microphone when she was addressing the residents at her backyard in Mutomo Thursday evening July 7.

The drama began minutes after the DG took to the podium to address the people, shouts and loud buzzes began emanating from a section of the crowd alleged to have been ferried from elsewhere and before long the microphone went off and loud music rent the air forcing her to abruptly end her speech which had barely given.

From the video in our possession the DG is heard asking “Kwa nini huwezi ni ruhusu niongee?” amid loud commotion where some young men appear to be attacking each other, minutes later the microphone goes off and loud music follows. The DG last words off mic, she promises to be back and host her own forum.

Furious residents who spoke to KituiOnline and on social media said they expect nothing but a public apology from the able Governor otherwise he must prepare to carry his own cross as the people of Kitui South will fight back.

Pat Safari a blogger and an ardent critic of the Governor, who was at the function when everything unfolded, has condemned the incidence saying the people of Mutomo are saddened by the unfortunate turn of event.

“Speaking on behalf of the Kitui South youth, we strongly condemn the acts witnessed, the governor ferried rowdy youth to Mutomo to come and cause chaos, besides it is a shame that the governor can order his people to switch off his deputy’s microphone. We want to let the governor know that this is our home tuff and we will fight back.” He is quoted saying.

Another offended observer posted on whatsapp group terming the happenings as unfortunate, saying such embarrassing confrontations must be condemned.

Screenshot of the post.
Screenshot of the post.
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