Shame as pupils study under grass thatched mud ‘classrooms’ in Kitui County.

    Grass thatched 'classrooms' are the order of the day n most primary schools in the interior of the county.

    At Inyanzai Primary school in Mwingi North constituency, Ngomeni ward the true meaning of marginalization pops up.

    It is here that every single learning day costs a standard one pupil at least a 2 litres jerrican of water, the water is not for drinking but it a must have if learning has to take place, every morning the dusty classrooms must be watered enough to calm the enormous dust emanating from the bare ground otherwise learning may be difficult.

    The deplorable learning situation at this school is not only extremely unfavorable for the pupils but also something that the teachers too have to bear with as they share a small mud-walled staffroom.

    The school’s worrying state has not only been overlooked by the Mwingi North leadership but also the County government of Kitui who have ironically, sponsored not a complete school overhaul but a single standard classroom to be constructed at the school, the only hope of the pupils of ever stepping into a normal learning environment, begging the question of equity versus equality.

    It is a shame that in this day and age when national government is introducing laptops to class one pupils, a primary school pupil in the interior of Mwingi has to persevere harsh environment studying under a grass thatched, mud walled dusty classroom.

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