Kambas are ready to match naked over Chief justice position

Makau Mutua's application for the position of CJ has been rejected by the Judicial Service Commission, which shortlisted six candidates on Tuesday. Photo/Jambopost

A heated debate has ensued following Prof. Makau Mutua’s unexpected early knock out, out of the race to succeed Willy Mutunga as the next Chief Justice.

Leaders and residents from lower Eastern, Ukambani who had high hopes in retaining the position previously occupied by one of their own, the sudden oust of Makau has brought great disappointment with many terming the sudden turn of events as unfair.

Kambas within social circles continue to hold strongly to the position and are convinced that they deserve the position. Many have come out arguing that the position is technically political since one Makau Mutua was an outright best fit candidate.

Within the discussions we followed on social circles, many based their argument on the previous trend where we have had for instance; Olelenku replaced by Nkaserry, Kimaiyo replaced by Boinet, Waiguru replaced by Kiunjuri and therefore Mutunga should be replaced by a ‘Mutunga’ the conversation went on.

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The probe went on with some wondering why the Jubilee administration replaced Charity Ngilu with Kaimenyi if the above trend is anything to go by. Raising doubts of being played.

The only hope now for the Kamba nation is Philip Nzamba Kitonga who has been shortlisted by the Judicial Service Commission. Kambas have vowed to rally behind their only ray of hope one Nzamba Kitonga even if it means matching naked on the streets in protest.

CJ Willy Mutunga exited the Supreme Court early last month.
CJ Willy Mutunga exited the Supreme Court early last month.
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