Public outcry: Mwingi road claims 3 lives in 3 days; scores injured

The Matatu hit the side of the road as the driver attempted to negotiate the corner. Eye witnesses surround the scene.

A popular Matatu known as Itumba plying Mwingi-Kyuso-Tseikuru route yesterday July 12 killed a five-years old boy and injured scores who were immediately rushed to Mwingi General Hospital.

Unconfirmed report indicate that the accident occurred at around 2.47 PM after the driver of the Matatu was unable to negotiate a corner at Kwa Mulei two kilomentres past Mwingi Town before the matatu strayed and hit on the side of the road.

The accident that claimed one life comes barely three days when two young men we killed by another Matatu along the same road.


There has been a public outcry on the rampant deaths occurring on that road with many calling out for dedicated prayers while others speculate that some powers of darkness could have been sneaked into the road.

Residents have also blamed the drivers of the two popular matatus ‘Makandara’ and ‘Itumba’ plying on that route and who have been involved in a couple of accidents of reckless driving and have called on the police to withdraw their licenses and apprehend the two.

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