Hon. Banda team surrenders; opts to join Makali

Kitui Central MP aspirant Hon. Banda likely to surrender with his team defecting to join the incumbent's. Photo/FB

The Kitui Central parliamentary seat is not only one of the hotly contested seats in the county but also one that has the strongest incumbent to easily unseat.

In fact if any contender intends to overthrow the incumbent MP Makali Mulu they have to brace and prepare for a thick fight.

The truth of the matter is, Kitui Central MP is one of the most visible Members of Parliament in lower Eastern region who has won many hearts and was earlier this year awarded the best parliamentarian in lower Eastern in the use of CDF kitty.

Makali development record speaks for him and seems to be a huge threat to his opponents; it has already gotten opponents’ teams restrategizing.

Reports reaching KO indicate that a huge number of people from Hon. Banda team have defected and are joining the winning team, the Makali.

Those who spoke to us said they had realized they were going nowhere with Hon. Banda it was thus a wise decision to shift before the ship begins to sink.

A close ally to Hon. Banda seems to have lost confidence in his leader. In a conversation KO is privy to, the buddy is heard saying, “……so many people are shifting camps day and night. Banda hawezi toa Makali hata mnyambe.” He said.

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