Newest entrant into Kitui Senatorial bid will shock you

KBC Presenter Bonnie Musambi reveals his political ambitions in an exclusive interview with Taifa Leo.

Politics is popularly known as a game of numbers that requires strategy, sound approach and careful preparation as it is not a game for the frail.

As the political arena continues to take shape and warm up across the country, we are continually seeing newer faces joining in the race. The latest entrant into the Kitui senatorial bid is the long serving TV host Bonnie Musambi who has expressed plans to join the ‘dirty’ game.

Bonnie Musambi is arguably one of the finest radio presenters and TV anchors in Kenya today and his star has continued to shine bright at the state broadcaster, Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

Musambi spoke to Taifa Leo newspaper where he revealed several things about his life, how he became a journalist, where he was born and shared his political ambitions.

The presenter now wants to become Kitui senator come 2022. He says he believes in himself and wants to deliver to the people of Kitui when that time comes.

Clearly the veteran journalist understands that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and he alludes to be preparing and laying strategy for the 2022 general elections. He hopes to clinch the seat and diligently serve the people of Kitui.

Little known to many, Bonnie is born and bred in Kitui Town. His parents were Catherine Musambi and the late Paul Musambi, his father was the headmaster of Mulango Primary School in Kitui who passed on in 2004 following a battle with diabetes.

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