‘Bring up your boy child to a successful respectable man’, Caroline Mutoko advices single mothers.

Veteran radio host and presenter Caroline Mutoko with her daughter. Photo/FB

A former Kiss 100 renowned radio host a Caroline Mutoko has denounced the notion that a man must be present in a boy’s life for them to become reputable great men in future.

The outspoken radio queen and motivational speaker talked extensive and specifically to her fellow ladies, advising them on the need to bring up the boy child in the manner accepted by both nature and society.

Caroline has called on single mothers to step up and play their role in responsive parenting giving examples of world women who have single-handedly brought up great men we see today.

Mutoko went on to narrate how US President Barack Obama was raised single-handedly by his mother and grandmother, and grew up to become one of the most prominent figures in the world.

She also proudly revealed that her own late sister Regina Mutoko had managed to raise her son through the help of her uncles, brothers and other male friends without necessarily needing a man in her life.

Caroline encourages single mothers saying there are many more great men who have garnered international acclaim and yet they were raised single-handedly by women. Caroline has bashed the idea that a man must be present in a woman’s life to help bring up a boy child in the correct manner.

The Radio Africa Chief Marketing Officer Mutoko in her final YouTube episode has urged women to believe in themselves as they bring up their boys because she strongly believes they are capable of raising very respectable individuals.

Is this the reason Caroline decided never to marry? Well, this she knows herself too well.

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