One bottle for the road, this is how county vehicles roll over the weekend

The vehicle as parked outside a pub at Wikililye, the driver went into the pub to grab a few for the road.

One Sunday 10th July at around 2pm a driver driving a county blue plate vehicle number KCD 751G decides to do the unexpected, he parks right outside a pub in Wikililye and jets into the pub to join other revelers and orders a bottle prolly just a few for the road, oblivious of our KO curious camera.

All the events were captured by our team, when we sort to find out if this is actually the trend; a county officer told KO that it is illegal to drink while driving a government car and county drivers are cautioned against engaging in such while driving these vehicles, they alluded that it is totally unacceptable and irresponsible to even park a government vehicle outside a drinking den.

As captured by our team, this driver totally disregarded the norm and went on his drinking spree Sunday afternoon, county government officials responsible for the same were off duties but we captured the events.

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