Aging gracefully, Former VP Kalonzo reveals his secret.

Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka, he has over the years maintained a healthy lifestyle.

Former Vice President and CORD co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka is arguably one of the most good looking politician that graces our screens, not only that but a closer look onto his photos, he definitely appears younger than he possibly is, way younger than his age-mate.

In his 60’s Kalonzo has shown no sign of aging such as wrinkles or frail skin. Many people have been questioning the source of his radiant looks.

With many speculating that the former VP uses supernatural powers to stay young, however, they do not have facts to support their sentiments.

Unlike most celebrities who go under the surgeon’s knife to counter the signs of aging, Kalonzo attributes his charming looks to a healthy lifestyle.

Besides eating a well-balanced diet, the outspoken politician spares some time to exercise despite his busy work schedule.

Each morning, Musyoka performs different simple exercises before starting his day. This has made him maintain his attractive looks for years.

Have you ever asked yourself why Kalonzo Musyoka never ages? Well now you know.

Source: Hivisasa

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