Unbelievable: A Kitui Central MP aspirant busted entertaining a ‘chips funga’.

The MP aspirant was caught unawares by a suspected 'Mpango wa Kando' having a some good time with his 'chips funga'.

The residents of Kangalu in Mulango were last month treated to a free drama when an alleged Mpango wa Kando to one of the Kitui Central Parliamentary aspirants busted him with a chips funga during a burial ceremony.

The MP aspirant might have nibbled more that he could chew before the Mpango wa Kando shortly made her way into the function.

The ‘Mpango’ had apparently gotten some intelligence from her friends that the Mheshimiwa was having another girl in his car at the burial when she decided to storm in.

On arrival she found his clande with the estranged woman having a good time together, she was angered and preceded to where the Mheshimiwa was without any second thought, she started beating up the MP to be while wildly shouting all manner of curse words.

Immediately the mourners were alarmed and the burial had to take a mandatory commercial break as the drama unfolded before their own eyes.

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The fight was getting louder and out of hand as curious onlookers watched in wonderment, just minutes later some good Samaritans decided to intervene trying to calm the woman down.

It was the escape moment for the poor Mheshimiwa who was obviously so embarrassed to stay on, he immediately drove off without goodbye.

The incidence has become the topic of the small town as residents question the morality of the anticipated MP, the scene left bitter taste in the mouth of the mourners.

Many have condemned the honorable for lowering his stature to be involved in such an embarrassing love triangle.

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