Ambitious young woman from Kitui Central asks Musila’s hand in ‘marriage’.

Ambitious one Charity Munyoki wants Musila to appoint her as his running mate

One Ms. Charity Munyoki resident of Kitui Central has asked Kitui Senator for his hand in political marriage.

Charity Munyoki is a student and a business lady in Kitui town. She has been actively involved in Kitui Youth Forums as well charity events across the county. She did apply to Musila to be considered for gubernatorial running mate come 2017.

The little known ambitious Charity claims to have a huge network and a good number of influential followers that can greatly strengthen Musila’s candidature.

She says that if Kitui Senator considers her as a running mate then he will have double advantage of sweeping 90% of Kitui Central votes as well as taking huge percentage of youths across the county.


This comes barely a week after Former Land CS Charity Ngilu hinted to be scouting for a running mate from Mwingi region.

Senator David Musila has not yet mentioned a thing regarding his preferred running mate, we can only wait and watch the space. The incumbent Governor Malombe is also hunting for a new deputy Governor.

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