Governor Malombe’s track record that even the blind can see

Kalundu River bridge is one of the transformational initiatives spearheaded by the county.

Kitui County administration has undertaken projects that have transformed lives.

“We have the best governor in Kenya. It’s sad, however, that some people have decided to be too blind to an extent that they cannot see the numerous developments achieved by Governor Malombe,” said are resident.

Three years later since the devolved system of governance came to effect; Kitui Governor has been known for being a ‘slow but sure’ pace setter in several developmental projects.

Although some governor’s opponents have accused him of failure to initiate any meaningful development projects and being inaccessible, the truth on the ground completely disapproves their claims with the undeniable evidence of change witnessed by the residents of Kitui.


Malombe’s administration has done quite much including the upgrading of medical services since the county governments took over the running of the sector from the national government.

Procurement of ambulances for referrals, renovation of primary school facilities, construction of theatres sub county hospital, improved business environment by constructing numerous VIP toilets, constructed dams and improvement of road networks across the county.

Although Governor Malombe is known for being slow in initiating development projects he has many praising him for his strategic development and unleashing well planned initiatives in the county when he does.


Many have supported Malombe’s bid and contest in 2017 saying what he is doing is not just progressive but monumental.
“You don’t change such a person or system guy.” One of his supporters told KO.

Malombe has made it into the good books of history for paying his county employees on time and settling contractors’ dues in record time.

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