Hon Ngilu could beat odds to secure the top county seat; research reveals.

Former Lands CS and Kitui County Gubernatorial aspirant Charity Ngilu.

By Lumumba Frank

For far too long political pundits,commentators and analysists have insisted they foresee only two heavy political forces one led by the incumbent Governor Dr Julius malombe and the other led by Senator Musila who recently declared his interest in the highly coveted seat.

A keen follow up on whatsapp discussions mostly from the youth still depicts the same with less individuals discussing Hon Ngilu and her possibility to ascend to the helm.

Street wall kenya, a research organisation which has been in existence for two years carried out a research between dates 1st and 2nd July.The research was conducted via phone interviews where the interviwee were presented with three alternatives; namely Sen Musila,Hon Ngilu,Hon Dr Malombe.

The research only put into perspective two regions Mwingi, Kitui and their environs.Surprisingly the results were profoundly overwhelming in every five respondents in Kitui central two preferred Ngilu with the remaining portion being shared between the other two rivals.

In Kitui South also Ngilu appeared popular with mostly young people and mothers terming her as a hero who in the past made an indelible mark that arguably none can erase.

However,things are different in Kitui East,Ngilu seemed to score the least many of the respondents giving her union with jubilee as the reason why they won’t support her candidature.

In Kitui West Ngilu is also facing significant resentment which makes her less popular by extension among the locals.

However,a minimal cohort exudes a lot of confidence in her citing her trailblazing record as minister of health and how she was able to turn around the pervasive narrative of health conditions by improving medical facilities.

In Mwingi precisely Mwingi North, Ngilu appeared to even beat the native rival from Mwingi something that really raises eyebrows.

In Mwingi central as well few respondents alluded to Ngilu’s past performance record but warning her against political compromise.Our focus was on Hon Ngilu, to establish how significant she is in Kitui politics.

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