Mulu Mutisya’s youngest daughter Irene Mulu eyeing Mwala parliamentary seat.

Irene has declared her interest in Mwala parliamentary seat, now held by Eng. Vincent Musyoka.

Former Ukambani region’s political kingpin the late Mulu Mutisya’s youngest daughter Irene Mulu, has joined politics and declared interested in Mwala parliamentary seat, she will now battle it out with the incumbent Eng. Vincent Musyoka

The former political giant youngest daughter Irene Mulu said under –development and increased poverty among residents of the entire Ukambani region triggered her decision to take the mantle from her late father.

Mulu said she was disturbed because elected leaders in the region including Mwala Sub County, her rural home were not doing much to improve livelihoods of the common “wananchi.”

Irene says she wants to carry on with the legacy which her father left. I want to take over from where he left, he was dedicated to supporting the less priviledged in the society,” said Mulu.

Who do we say #Tosha between the two?

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