County vehicles worth Sh.13M procured illegally in Kitui County; Audit report reveals.

Governor Julius Malombe stresses a point before the Senate Commitee.

The governor of Kitui County Dr. Julius Malombe find himself jumping from the frying pan into the fire when he appeared before Senate committee probe.

The Governor not only was found guilty of improper hiring of senior staff without following the law but also was on the spot over the purchase of county vehicles worth Sh13 million without following the government set procedure.

The governor did not give reasons why he avoided the negotiated running Government contract with the suppliers, and instead used the suppliers own negotiated price.

It was not clear how the price was arrived at since there were no competitive biddings. Senators said most county governments had developed the habit of not following irregular procedures to achieve their own motives in procurement and when employing workers.

“You cannot say that since this does not happen in the national government then you cannot also do so. There is a law that must be followed. It is a fiat accompli but next time you must follow the law,” warned Sen. Prof Nyong’o during the senate committee session.

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