Hon Ngilu Conceivably Eyeing the Senatorial seat

Ngilu has remained mute on speculations about her gubernatorial candidature, leaving many of her followers in confusion over her political position.

By Guest Commentator: Baraka Muli

Honorable Ngilu’s political future remains an outright speculation. This has been impelled by her silence over what seat to contest in 2017.

She did mention in only a single forum, her interview with Citizen TV’s Cheche show in a past interview and that is not enough to sing to her gubernatorial race tune.

The Rainbow Iron lady could be possibly swimming in the miasma of what Prof Lumumba describes as a state of schizophrenia which in politics could mean political bewilderment.

Political aspirants in an election publicly and without fear affirm their interests and this has not been the case at all with her.

Her candidature is suffering internal paralysis despite the fact that she has her party- NARC as the sailing ship next-year.

The internal fractures within her ambitions are doing her great harm than good by making her to keep the 2017 dreams mute.

From a fair view, the former CS should publicly state her 2017 political agenda and lay a solid strategy if she ever dreams of carrying the day.

The 2017 race may not award her a benevolent regard as she anticipates following her internal grumblings on which seat to contest as it was the case in the last general elections.

The current exhibition of political aspirations in Kitui is totally centered on the personal survival in 2017 but not goodwill for the electorate.

It is a do or die situation for this Ukambani controversial politician!

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