Reality Check: Job interview gone sour.

Jobless youth at risk of abduction by imposter potential employers

A concerned resident has written to us to warn our followers of a dubious cartel of conmen on the loose. The fraudulent team of burgles is posing as potential employers with the intention of robbing you and your families to the last dime.

The story you are about to read is a shocking true story happening to one of us. Please get on safety mode and fasten your belt for takeoff.

“Dear friends please don’t honour any job interview invitation via short text messages if you did not apply for it.” A concerned Kitui resident wrote.

“A cousin to a close friend got one of such text message and without second thought attended the purported interview only to be held hostage.

The deceitful men are on a raiding mission and have now demanded of Shs. 5M worth of ransom lest our dear friend dies.

As at Tuesday July 19 they had told the family to comply after they renegotiated the amount downwards to Shs. 2.5M which is still a tall order for the poor family, that is now seeking police interventions.”

The guys are now threatening to kill him if the money is not paid latest today.The cartel is taking advantage of the youth crisis within the country and the desperation of jobless youths to turn them into fortunes.

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